Pages 78 – 80

Pages 78 through 81 include exercises 34 through 37. Beginning with exercise 34, the length and quality of the “Fifty Exercises from low Bb to F Above the Staff” changes. The studies have become longer, more sophisticated and technically involved. Paul de Ville continues to work his way higher including more arpeggio studies. Instead on one technical problem per study, the exercises are a little more etude like, being longer and covering several different technical problems. De Ville often combines duple and triple rhythmic patterns in the same study.
While there are no specific Evette and Schaeffer System exercises in this set of studies there are more studies for the various Bb fingerings and the chromatic F# as well.
In exercise 34 De Ville suggests using the 1 & 1 Bb fingering (line 3) however I believe that the bis Bb is more effective. In line 8 the key to connecting the Ebs to Abs is a light finger touch over the break (avoid key slapping) and a balanced embouchure. This advice applies to all of the arpeggio patterns that appear in these exercises.
Study 36 is very meaty and deserves a lot of time devoted to it. The arpeggio studies are always good because they require the coordination of multiple fingers and break crossing. The triplet study on line 8 requires a even, balanced embouchure pressure. Never let your audience know that you had to cross the break. I would recommend the bis Bb for the Bb minor pattern on line 10.
Exercise 37 also presents some great problems. In the patterns that focus on the chromatic Gb, the ring finger will tend to lift too slowly while the middle finger will lift too high and tend to move in sympathy with the ring finger. Use the opportunity of this study to develop more independent movement in these fingers.

Your observations and comments are welcome.
Neal Ramsay

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