Pages 71 – 74

These pages contain exercises 20 through 29 of the “Fifty Exercises from low Bb to F Above the Staff”. Gradually these exercise work up the range of the saxophone, beginning on second space F# through third space C. These are more small, focused snippets that attempt to solve one technical awkwardness at a time. Paul de Ville frequently suggests fingerings found on the Evette and Schaeffer System. Fortunately, many of these have become standard fingerings on all saxophones. Exercises 20, 21, and 22 uses the articulated G#. Exercise No. 22 is also an excellent workout for improving the independent movement of the ring and pinky fingers.
Exercises 24 through 29 are very important as they present the four different fingerings for Bb. (side key, one and one, one and two, and bis) I find it common to meet students that only know one Bb fingering (usually the one and one) and try to use it for everything, with poor results. Exercises 24 through 28 systematically introduces each fingering, followed by exercises for its appropriate use. I find that the least used and most misunderstood fingering is the bis Bb. Bis is Latin for twice or two referring to the fact that one finger is used to play two keys simultaneously. To properly use the bis key the left hand index finger presses both the B key and the small key (bis) that is located between B and A. This is a powerful fingering that makes many arpeggio type passages easier to play.
Exercise 29 incorporates side key C and has more work on improving pinky and ring finger coordination.
As always, your observations and comments are welcome.
Neal Ramsay

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