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My fall concert tour is complete and the Universal method blogs are back.
The “Sixty Exercises of Mechanism” that began on page 63 continue through page 66.
The exercises progress in difficulty but maintain the format of being short, intense snippets of technique developers. They vary from one to five measures in length and present coordination and flexibility problems. Beginning with exercise 25, de Ville introduces studies in triplets with exercises 33 – 60 being sixteenth note studies. The tonality remains in C major with occasional accidentals. In the last two pages de Ville includes some exercises in A and B major and A minor, all achieved with the use of accidentals instead of changing key signatures.
These four pages are, I believe, some the best technique builders available. They should be approached one or two at a time and played with slow, precise repetitions, building speed over time. For the aspiring virtuosos, exercises 25, 26, 27, 28 30, 31, 33 37, 52, 55 and 58, could be transposed for additional benefit.
The “Sixty Exercises of Mechanism” can be approached by younger students but will challenge the seasoned professional as well and continue to benefit a saxophonist throughout a career. They are useful to the jazz saxophonist as many of these exercises can be adapted to chord changes.
Your comments, regarding these studies, are welcome.
Neal Ramsay

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